Buildings Construction

We deliver a Residential, commercial and administration turn key projects

Main Pipe Lines

We are specialized in implementation of main storm, domestic , fire and sewage main pipe lines reference to our strong experience in this field

Main Water Tanks

We have a strong experience in the construction of different types of concrete tanks (under ground , above ground and elevated tanks) using different types of form works

Water Treatment Plants

We Provides the engineering and construction services for a different types of water treatment plant (sewage ,desalination and filtration)

Highways & Concrete roads

We deliver a Turn key concrete road Projects using the latest unique concrete pavers

Water Deep Wells

We Provides the engineering and construction services for a Water deep well with depth reaches 1500 meter length .

Electro-mechanical Works

We deliver Electro-mechanical turn key projects including HVAC, FIREFIGHTING , PLUMPING AND electrical works.

Water intakes

We are specialized in the engineering & construction services of different types of water intakes with a skilled man power and latest tools technologies .